West African Open Level

This class learns a variety of Traditional West African rhythms and songs, solo phrases to accompany the rhythms, and exercises to practice to improve and advance your skill level and comfort with playing djembe! Learning proper hand technique improves your pronunciation of this "drum language" and allows for more eloquent expression and communication through your drum! Very supportive and friendly circle of players and lots of fun for beginners and those already on the drummer's path!
Feb. 28 - Apr. 4 2018 (6 classes) $130.00
April 18 - May 23 2018 (6 classes) $130.00
June 6 - 27 2017 (4 classes) $86.00
8:00pm - 9:30pm
Woman drumming

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The Class Tuition Fee will only be posted to the account (credit card is NOT charged upon completion of form)
  • Completion of Introduction to Djembe/equivalent and or permission of the instructor